About Me

I’m a software developer, and articles here will likely be mainly about that.  I believe in the principles of Agile Development, and am the organizer of the Boston eXtreme Tuesday Club. My work has been primarily in Java, but also includes some fairly recent work in Ruby and Scala, and in other languages long ago.  I’m very interested in Scala, and will likely write a bit about that.

I’m pretty active on StackOverflow, and you can see my activity here:

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My resume is also on the Stackoverflow careers site, and of course I’m on LinkedIn:

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My education was as a pure mathematician, at The University at Albany, where I earned a PhD in 1980, working with William Hammond as thesis advisor. I taught at Clark University for a year before abandoning that career in fear of failing the “publish or perish” game.

I’m also an amateur actor and musician. I played Ebenezer Scrooge for a long run at Gloucester Stage Company in their winter “community production”, and have recently done a few Shakespeare performances with Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe.  I’ve also performed with assorted other amateur theater groups in the Boston area. I have sung with Chorus North ShoreNewburyport Choral Society, and Boston Gay Men’s Chorus.

I married my long-time partner Paul Jensen in April 2005. Paul is also an actor, and a much better musician than I.

Paul and I jointly own and he operates The Inn at Babson Court, a bed and breakfast in Gloucester, MA.

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